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One of the most important and critical moment, when you start to use a suspension fork, is when you install te fork to your bike.
Bright Racing Shocks is similar to other suspension forks, but we want to support you in all single choice and evaluation during this important activity.
Here, the principal points have to be checked before use and periodically:
- wheel hub you want to use;
- wheel axle: mounting, managing  (and the best choice);
- wheel/tire check;
- brake disk and caliper mounting and check;
- steerer tube cut and lenght evaluation;
- fork pressure check and evaluation.
Maintenence rules: check the following
- keep clean the whole fork.
- keep clean the Shafts by using a soft cloth.  Clean it before the mud is dry and protect with some oil.
Not use oil with silicone, not use oil with fluorine derivatives, usually do not use spray (saved the CRC 5-56 spray... not something someone say is "similar".. just CRC 5-56 or is better whater and soap).
- check every screws in the fork, in the disk caliper and in the stem every 15 days (or 200 km).
- check every 15 days or at least 30 days the pressure in the air chamber.
- frequently check the good condition of the threadlocker used on the M14x2 thread of the wheel axle. Remember to use LockTite 243 or 2400 (medium) or 2200 (soft).
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