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to buy your Bright-RS is very easy!
...please, remember that Bright-RS is an exclusive limited edition brand which deliver only hand made products, so we ask you to be patient about the delivery time, while we do our best for you and your ride..
follow these simple steps...  (or ask about the Official Dealers List)
make your choice, reading the product list below, in this page... or select directely yoyr choice clicking one of the buttons "SHOP NOW" that you find in the product image, in order to open the order e-mail form.
fill the form and write your preferences or questions or simply your notes.. 
receive answer with delivery time and tuning configuration proposal from Bright-RS race dep.
accept Bright-RS proposal and wait the Invoice.
Pay deposit (300,00 euros) to start the order and delivery time;
That's all, your Bright-RS fork will be in manufacturing! 

F929 xCO

Euro 1.710,00

F929 Skunk

Euro 1.780,00

F929 Next standard

Euro 1.780,00

Euro 1.900,00

F929 Next with DCMW

shafts shields