High quality and highly engineered

MountainBike fork, the

upsidedown with performances and precision,

over a traditional fork

If your sport is Cross Country (or Marathon as well) you want your power on the track. climb with control, descend to attack, front wheel locked on the roots, nobody before you, driving to the next climb, your mind on the next corner....

The xCO model of the F929 fork is a pure racing weapon, 

that is the masterpiece, and the plan is to develop it more and more



Wheel size



Outer legs


Travel tuning

Crown to Axle lenght

Disk brake Diamener

max Disk Brake Diameter

Cartridge system

Air spring

Lockout system

29er (compatible with 27.5+)

Boost 110 (and SRAM 110 Predictive)

Aeronautical AA Ø35 mm

Carbon fiber BrightRS std 46 mm

100 to 120 mm

110 mm

Travel + 400 mm

Ø160 mm

Ø180 mm using adapter

BrightRS ACAD technology

BrightRS CHPC technology

BrightRS SL technology


Is the heart of all BrightRS forks. 

ACAD is an high efficiency precharged cartridge which offer the best performances actually available in MTB suspensions in order of damping speed and reactivity.

ACAD is also the reason why our forks are so precise under maximum load.

After 29 years skill in racing suspensions design we had very clear a point:  suspension have to be progressive, even more, have to be extremely progressive... and have to be sustained.

When you go fast, when you use all travel you need the travel have no end.

Our charved full air chamber is exactely designed and developed with this target.

Charved chamber means a camber with a ring section, where the central section is inactive.

SL technology  is a  part of the ACAD Cartridge and it manages the compression phase.

 You can adjust the compression hardness "full open" to "lock" by the manual knob (on the fork or in remote control).  The SL system will set automatically the correct rate of oil  necessary to perform the best damping in every situation.

In extreme x-Country, when you need to lock the fork, you will have a stiff front, mantaining an automatic damper in the hard shocks. 


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since 1989, research, design, innovation and performances in racing suspensions


Bright Racing Shocks is a patented italian brand, protected by licence , all rights reserved in terms of

design, technologies and manufacturing process.