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[F929-x]  grafica       [PREPARAZIONE Ba

Maicol Cozzaglio
BRS official xc Ita

Extremely easy to ride, extremely stiff when you need, precise end smooth, easy to service.
The F929 suspension fork is unique

If your sport is Cross Country or Marathon, you want your power on the track. Climb with control, descend to attack, front wheel locked on the roots, nobody before you.

The xCO model of the F929 fork: a pure racing weapon 

a masterpiece.... and the plan is to develop it more and more

.     [F929-x ibrido]  F   o   r   k
.     [F929-x ibrido]  F   o   r   k
static lenght
400 + Travel
is the most stable fork on the market in terms of dynamic height!
Compared to commercial forks, BRS can boast an unparalleled dynamic control system thanks to the uncompromising technical evolution carried out over years of engineering and test.

The special design of the fork crown, in addition, allows the use of greater travel than commercial forks while maintaining an even more stable geometry at the front end.
std 180 mm
Boost 110 HUB
Torque Caps 31 mm
BRIGHT-RS special QR15 Axle
Aeronautic grade AA7075-T751


Wheel size

Standard BOOST 110 mm - Torque Caps

Aerospace AA grade Ø35 mm

Outer legs
Carbon fiber BRIGHT-RS std Ø46 mm

Base travel
105 mm

Tunable travel
100 to 120 mm

Crown to axle lenght in static position 
travel +400 mm

Disk brake diameter
160 mm

Damping system
BRIGHT-RS ACAD technology - sealed, precharged, active damper

Air spring
BRIGHT-RS CHPC technology

High speeds control
SL automatic soft valve technology

.     [F929-E]  F   o   r   k    [xco]  foot.png

replaceable direct mounting

The new 160 mm tpc bracket is designed in such a way as to allow all the necessary lateral adaptations but at the same time obtain a very high radial stability.
Your brake won't whistle on long braking
We have designed a removable / replaceable bracket so as to have no limits in updating and in case of repair; but with infinite stiffness
[F929-E]  Crown    xCO [B]-.png
Here, in our house, every part is an important part, but in the fork Crown we putted years of experience in sport production and aerospace job in order to create a piece of high technology incomparable with respect to the most impostant products in the market.  To work with this grade of design and  accuracy are needed some important skill and targets.
Riding a Bright RS F929 you can feel some unknown sensations also for these reasons.

One of the most engineered parts visible on a market product
Ergal in aeronautical grade 7075-T651 machined from 70 mm thickness sheet format
2.9 kg raw material to machine 310 grams final crown

[F929-x]  ACAD8  solo logo     1  [elaborazione base  (WHITE.png

New evolution in 8th generation ACAD #8.   It is the heart of all BRIGHT-RS forks.ACAD is a high efficiency preloaded cartridge that offers the best performance currently available in MTB suspensions in terms of damping speed and reactivity and is especially engineered to manage the anti-cavitation effect, one of the major limitations of normal hydraulic cartridges in MTB forks.It is to the ACAD system that we owe the great precision of our forks even under maximum load.

Boost 110 HUB
Torque Caps 32
[F929-3]  CHPC  big     2_2  [uscita WHI

years of race experience make the progression curve under the focus:
the suspension has to be progressive, even more, a fork has to have the right progression curve.

and it has to be responsive and sustained.
When you go fast, when you use everything, you need the excursion to be used rationally.
Our hollow air spring is designed and developed with exactly this goal.
The CHPC design offers a hollow chamber with a ring section, where the central zone is inactive and offers the best solution between diameter and volume.  This results in a great reaction elasticity.  Every designer has a signature in the way he designs and operates an off-road suspension, this is one of the Bright RS signatures.

[F929-x]  Etichetta SL     3_1  [uscita

Our SL (Sensitive Lockout) system is a BrightRS exclusive concept and takes care of semi-automatically managing the oil flow during the compression phase. The exclusivity of this system consists in its great elasticity (missing in the less advanced inertial systems already seen on the market) and in the ability to maintain a stable and precise level of damping by reducing the bobbing of the system during pedaling. Today someone introduces the "three positions", we have always had what we could define the Infinite position .... Unmatched


.     [F929-x ibrido]  F   o   r   k
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