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Creating an elite product is never easy because it's not just about designing it, not just about building it but to make it work.  In Bright-RS meant making it work at peak performance.

After the years of great evolution, those in which Fimoco Engineering was an active part in the development of the world of mountain bike racing suspensions; is not possible to see in Bright-RS a manufacturer that only follow the current without being first of all a developer; the performance, the technical service of Tuning and a style of driving all to live, are the main characteristics of the Bright-RS suspension, now fully present in the new upside-down fork F929.

In Bright-RS the approach to design is very aggressive, without any compromise.

The technique and the manufacturing processes are an integral part of the development and are meticulously defined before reaching the realization.

The continuous analysis of performance and race by race  feedback is the element that constitutes the development of the project and the quality in the manufacturing phases.
The way  how we think of suspension is unique and new,  and it is the core of the final performance.

An experience of over thirty years in the design and production of mechanical parts in sectors of the highest level such as sports, aeronautics and industrial give Bright-RS a dynamic and at the same time solid approach in the management and control of special processes that are the basis of an innovative product.

These experiences are fundamental especially in laboratory test activities and are the basis of the methods of reading and interpreting the results of the shock tests. Very Important to characterize and harmonize the new structural parts in the maximal performance research.

The development of such advanced and innovative technologies in the molding of carbon fiber allows to reach performance limits unimaginable to date.

F929 suspension fork project and floating bushing design

The design of an up-side-down fork that had high performance was stimulating from the outset precisely because of the attempts made, without significant results, by many manufacturers.

The F929 comes from technical concepts strongly rooted in the world of motocross, which are combined with sophisticated technical and mechanical solutions gained through years of experience in the aeronautics industry and in a deep design strategy.

The precise and very reactive guide owes everything to the architecture of Foderi and Testa for which complex mathematical models were used to fine-tune the best combination of the best materials such as Carbon and Aluminum and their structural characteristics.

The outer legs are made with artisanal care and with advanced technical solutions directly in BRIGHT-RS and have a complex laminar structure (mixed Carbon-Kevlar-Aluminum) with an epoxy matrix.    Even the special molds for their construction are designed and developed in-house in order to have the maximum quality control in the production process.



ACAD Cartridge concept

& CHPC Air Chamber

If the load-bearing structure of the F929 project guarantees precision and responsiveness, the hydraulic damping system represents stability and adherence in the harshest conditions.

The design and development of the system, completely enclosed within a sealed and pressurized cartridge, has been tested for over two years and represents a completely atypical element in the MTB sector for its technical solutions (from cavitation to hydraulic control on negative chamber), due to its damping capacity and great progressivity as shock accelerations increase.

Every single element has been studied to work in a tuned system and the oil flows, in the compression and extension phases, are piloted and deviated into the chambers according to an exclusive configuration. In many cases the seals have also been calibrated or made with special materials (on Bright-RS specifications) to work only with synthetic oil and to ensure the sealing of specific chambers.

In Bright-RS, the development of ideas and technical solutions is constantly transferred to our riders for direct and immediate feedback on performance.

The idea of a technical solution always comes from a personal vision of the product. Subsequently it is developed until the completion of the project with continuous tests both on the track and on the bench.

Developed, Hand Crafted here


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