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makes Bright Racing Shocks unique

High Technology meets Craftsmanship in a continuous Design evolution 

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having maximum performance with a simple and efficient design, this is the essence of excellent engineering

 the best traction and the best dynamical set 

not just the first UpSideDown Mtb fork to be extremely precise and torsionally stiff..


..but a mix of design, technology and art

Combined with the ACAD Cartridge, our damper system

Bright-Racing-Shocks designs and produces exclusively racing and customized suspensions, with the true taste of racing, placing itself outside the constraints of the large market.
A very deep experience in mechanical engineering and product design gives us the way to internally develop our solutions and all the necessary technologies. We use composite materials and aeronautical aluminum alloys together to obtain technical solutions without compromise.

One of the major innovations we applied to the suspension fork was to develop the outer legs by using composite material and carbon fiber (not to save weight but to take advantage of the great mechanical characteristics typical of the composite) and combine this effect with a special alignement design of the guide which is able to vary the perception of stiffness according to the work of the fork. From this exclusive design the unique features of our suspension forks:

stiff, directional, precise and smoother suspension fork

a unique way
to ride the bike

image00001 (1).jpeg

continuous design, simulation, and tons of test to develop, produce and deliver a so special suspension

Riders and testers needs sensitivity, skill, fast riding and have to be able to keep the focus in the brand direction.

Suspension Forks
[F929-x]  grafica       [2021 black].png

f o r k  d e s i g n


f   u   l   l       p   e   r   f   o   r   a   n   c   e   s       f   i   r   s   t 

[F929-x]  xCO     1  [ricerca FONT]  w.p

Short Travel 105 mm standard, 100 to 115 mm tunable, Cross Country - Marathon oriented, equipped with ACADx damper system, CHPC full air Chamber and SL Sensitive Lockout technology.   The real professional tool for high performances in race.

euro 1.760,00

race ready set up included



Iva/Vat excluded

[F929-x]  Skunk     4_1  [uscita WHITE

130 mm Travel, 120 to 135 mm tunable, Trail and Light AM oriented, equipped with ACADx damper system, CHPC spring and SL Sensitive Lockout technology.

The definitive fork in a Trail full suspeded light bike.

Funny, long life maintenence for all Trail-AM experience..... The best tool for a free spirit!

AM andTrail

euro 1.860,00

Iva/Vat excluded

Custom set up included

[F929-x]  NEXT     2  [uscita  WHITE.png

150 mm Travel (replace170 mm), 140 to 160 mm tunable, e-Enduro - Enduro - All Mountain  oriented, equipped with ACADx damper system, CHPC spring technology.

High performances with a compact, reactive, precise front end.



standard version  euro 1.880,00

DCMS shaft guards  euro 2.030,00

Iva/Vat excluded

race ready set up included


than discover the Bright Racing Shocks


where Quality and Craftsmanship take place

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