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photo artist:  Giulia Ziller


BrightRS is aimed at two well-defined customers: the professional rider and the pure Mtb lover.

The first one looks for the absolute performances that must lead him on the podium, the second wants to live the mtb and the freedom riding.
By this spirit the BrightRS brand is born and around this way running our commitment in the design and development of the best products and special tuning.
BrightRS is not an industrial-grade commercial suspension manufacturer; in Bright RS we deliver single pieces of technology and hand made products designed for highest performances. 
No compromises between what is the best idea, and what could cost less.
We work every day in order to find new technical solutions and new composite lamination shaping in order to get the best components.
When you install a Bright-Racing-Shocks fork on your bike you feel all this effort and passion.

The professional rider claims to finish the race to the best of performance and reliability, in the same way the MTB lover wants to have fun without negative implications and find the spirit he seeks in solo outings or with friends.
We say: "the pleasure of putting the front wheel where you want and enjoy riding".

In BrightRS we are connected in the same way to these two seemingly distant worlds, but who seek the best and the possibility of getting it while having fun.

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