Bright Racing Shocks is a patented italian brand, protected by licence , all rights reserved in terms of

design, technologies and manufacturing process.

Pilippe Perakis,

Kamikaze race in Mammouth Lake, USA 1994


since 1989, research, design, innovation and performances in racing suspensions

Pablo and Vittorio Fiorilli began designing and manufacturing mechanical sports equipment for motorcycles and cars in 1989, coming from Motocross and from some collaborations with the German DTM championship. 
Soon afterwards they added to their normal work an idea: to make a MTB suspension fork, with the aim of giving suspension to a new, really lovable sport.....  
…that sport was named Mountain Biking, and the company was named Fimoco, a brand meaning Fiorilli-Motorsport-Competition and the aim was to generate innovation by using technique, ideas and new vision. 
In that moment was born the FIMOCO ENGINEERING brand. 
After the activities in the motorsports field, the MTB was their first love and for this sport, Fimoco Engineering, is a real innovator from the start. 


A first titanium prototype was built. 


First fork model named E137, all CNC fork with 50 mm travel weighing only 1370 grams. 

Aluminum steerer tube with a diameter of 1,1/4 inches. 


Fimoco introduced elastomeric polyurethane foam and the travel increased to 60 mm. 
First version of E129 Rock Crasher is born and the weight is 1290 grams. 
With this E129 coming one of the biggest revolutions in the market: gaskets between shafts and outer legs in Polyurethane expressly produced with the Fimoco Engineering trade mark. 
In same year coming for the first time and designed for the E129 fork was the ACL system. A special technology dedicated to the automatic lubrication of the shafts.  


The evolution of E129 continuing and the travel increasing to 70 mm for  the DH field. At that time competitors of Fimoco already in the market were obtaining a travel of 40/50 mm. 70 mm was so big! 


Born was the next generation of E129, named “PRO”. The first completely sealed, anti-cavitation hydraulic cartridge was born. In that model, you can decide to use or not use the cartridge in the same fork. As an upgrade. 
In the same year, the E129 was equipped by aluminum shafts of 28,6 mm diameter! All manufactured by Billett, that particular shaft was a real revolution and the finishing was something never seen before in terms of hardness and precision. 
In the same fork it was possible to use three types of steerer tube, with three different material: aluminum, steel or titanium and every steerer tube type was manufactured from Billett. 


That year in Metabief, in the DH World Championship race, Giovanna Bonazzi, won the first place in the main category and for the Fiorilli brothers the run was changing...  It was just the first world champion jersey for the brand.


Together with the E129 fork was born another new suspension fork:

the D196 Lethal Weapon... a first version of the 100 mm travel fork with the first 15 mm through axis and special reinforced dropouts. 

The forks range evolved again:  

E129 Rock Crasher - E121 Renegade

 D196 Lethal Weapon double crown 
The new little Cross Country E121 Renegade, born out of the need to offer a competitive price fork range (700.000 italian lire....  considering the brand, it was cheap)  became the favourite fork in the market in the first three months. 
1210 grams in weight and a compact, beautiful design gave an enticing appeal, in addition to 70 mm travel and the full CNC construction. 
In the same year the D196 LW become 130 mm travel and double crown architecture. The shafts of that fork were coated with a special Titanium Nitride finish for a super-fast sliding and performances consisting of a real racing weapon. 
The special guide architecture, which is used by Fimoco in every grade of suspension, guaranteed a first level of precision to all models produced by this company since 1989. 

Fimoco Engineering

E129 RC



A new grade of evolution came that year and together with the E129 RC and E121 R for all cross country use, Fiorilli placed into the race the first big fork for Downhill: The 866 "Dragsteer".

A fork with double crown, 35 mm shafts, 160 mm travel and long open bath cartridge. That was a real new era. It was the most sought after suspension fork of the sector. Racers from around the world were asking for that fork. 
In that moment Fimoco Engineering supplied racers in all countries, in the national USA series as with all of Europe and some racers in New Zeland series, with dealers and distributors in all European countries.

In a study performed in Italy, more than 27% of racers in the national cross country and DH race were equipped by Fimoco Engineering suspensions. 



A new range of suspensions were arriving from the same pencil of Pablo Fiorilli... The style of forks change and arrive the following:

- 729 Sledge Hammer

- 621 Renegade

- 866 Dragster in the new evolution 
The 729 SH was the daughter of E129RC and was designed with 80 mm travel with a new fantastic double air system.

A second version with coil spring and hydraulic cartridge was introduced for Freeride use and it offered 100 mm travel in monocrown and in a special limited edition in double crown version. 
The 621 R was the evolution of E121 R and offered a very nice cross country elastomer version of a precision light fork. 
The evolution of 866 D was an aggressive double crown fork with dedicated hub, 190 mm travel and 38 mm inner tubes. The crowns was expressly designed in order to offer a special stability in the steerer zone. 
One important innovation in that year was introduced to the market. After several tests in 1996 in certain race equipments, Fimoco introduced to the whole range of fork the asymmetric architecture. For the first time in the whole catalog, the forks had a compression system in the right leg and rebound damping in the other leg! 

It was a real change in the fork philosophy. 

All media taken that design as a real strange and risky choice.  With his analysis and instinct, Pablo was sure that in the modern era of suspension forks, that the future of MTB along with Motocross would become asymmetric. Still today, this is the standard. 


Fimoco and Fiorilli start to develop their Motocross fork with special dimensions and aluminum shafts of 52 mm diameter with travel of 320 mm. 
The work continues with a special sealed cartridge and a combined compression spring with coil titanium spring and foam polymer elastomers. 


The MTB, and technical love of their efforts, is under big discussion. This generation was retired after considering the performance of the market, it had lost its vitality....  High level systems became to be just for a few fanatics. The battle was lost and the hunger was no more...... 


Pablo Fiorilli works in the aerospace and scientific research fields as designer and processes specialist in some of the most innovative programs. Ultra-vacuum systems, composite materials and a deep complex design was a new job together with some racing suspension projects. 


A rebirth in MTB racing suspensions took new life and the target was to develop a challenging design: create the fork that nobody had managed to make work... The first MTB upside-down fork with top performances, precision and directionality over the best traditional forks in MTB. 
A new philosophy, innovative architecture, a special Cartridge system, new use of carbon fiber, new vision in the performances, no compromises on quality – a real limited edition suspension fork... Here was born the BRIGHT RACING SHOCKS brand project; powered by Fimoco Engineering, designed and produced by Fiorilli Sport Production. 


Commercial phase of Bright Racing Shocks suspension forks is starting. 
Take your time and take a look for the new suspension era....